Female Sierra Loenean Painter. Hi, I am Melicia Barrie.

As a Female Sierra Leonean Painter, a term of which I gladly and proudly choose to be recognized by, my desire is to bring the love and expansion of the visual arts not only in my country but to all Female Africa painters. 

There is a basic human appreciation for beauty, however, beauty is not something I use to define my artwork as it is not my ultimate goal. Not everything I paint or draw can be considered beautiful at least not in the normal standard but it is interesting, thought-provoking, appealing and most importantly elicits a connection with human emotion. 

One thing I tend to express in my art is that irrespective of how our human eyes choose to perceive beauty, it’s opposite is never ugliness, it’s just a different perspective or a different form of aesthetic expression that creates new feelings, emotions, curiosities, memories, thoughts, and identification


My Skills

  • Live Painting 90% 90%
  • Visual Art Painting 95% 95%
  • Pencil Sketches 96% 96%
  • Singing 10% 10%
  • Dancing 100% 100%

About MelArts

My Mission
My ultimate mission is to create and connect different emotions, experiences and thoughts of
my clients so that they can understand and appreciate the world around them. I will create and reproduce every emotion, feeling and experiences in canvas to enhance inner peace and comfort for my clients.
My Vision
My vision is to change the negative perception about the art profession for my fellow
countrymen and to bring notoriety and respect to this prestigious profession.
My Values
As an artist who tends to express meaning and emotions through her art, this tendency does
not stop with my artistic life but also flows through my everyday personal life. Compassion, love, generosity and many other similar features are what I cherish and consider my personal values
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About Me

What Drives My Creativity and Art

As you may have imagined I am an emerging Female Sierra Leonean Painter as well as an African female Painter fascinated with the creative expression of art as well as the ability to bring into physical reality a visual representation of human imagination and emotion. 

My central focus is to realize and ultimately actualize aesthetic experiences, feelings, and memories. The emotional tone of my artwork is infused with classical techniques and modern approaches to immerse clients with a unique emotional response.

First Encounter with art

My experience with art started at a very young age. I fell in love with art whilst doing oil paintings in Primary School through a subject called Creative Practical Arts. It was just a minor subject to incorporate something creative in an otherwise burdensome learning syllabus but it was right there and then that I knew that this was going to be my profession. There is no school for the creative arts where I am from, no platforms either but I was inspired and kept practicing and learning my desired craft from videos and other home based artists. My innate talent and love for art was also an added bonus that helped greatly

My Professional Painter Life

I am focused not only on the outcome of a particular design but also on the process.

With me, there is great emphasis, patience, and joy placed in the attachment and manipulation of colours, lines, shape, texture, form, and size as well as the techniques of blending, blocking in, dry brushing, building up texture and underpainting,  to bring you a one of a kind visual artwork specially designed for you. 

So contact a proud Female Sierra Leonean painter and an emerging African Painter today and get a taste of what the continent has to offer.

“Art is in everything I see and in everything I feel, and it is the only way to actualize or express my inner thoughts, feelings and visual experiences”


What is the fastest and easiest way to contact MelArts Design??

The quickest way to reach me is through WhatsApp, you can send me a WhatsApp message right now and in less than an hour, I will reply. Clients can also contact me through my business email account or by filling the contact form on this page. Also, you can reach me through any of my social media accounts displayed on the contact me page.

How much does your painting services cost?

There are many factors that affect the cost of your painting project. Be assured that our painting services are very affordable. Once we know the type of paint you need, we will conduct an assessment of the amount of work and materials required to complete your project. Then a cost will be communicated with you. This can take from one day to at least five working days depending on the complexity of the project or idea.

Are you available to develop painting ideas?

Yes, for big projects or projects that require sketching or illustration of an idea we take an initial consultation fee because we will have to spend time and effort to sketch various ideas before a final decision is made. Most times clients have an idea but they need a sketch or illustration of the idea before the project begins.

Do you collaborate with other Artists?

MelArts Design does accept requests for the creation of customized artworks and is willing to collaborate with clients for the production of their desired art masterpiece.

My ultimate desire is for my art to be well known and for the explosion of the art scenery in Africa and anybody serious about that can contact me. 

Do you offer installment payment plans?

We do offer installment payment plans but the painting will not be delivered until the final payment is made.



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